Artists:Carina Torres
Released Date:06/09/2021

Up-and-coming independent artist Carina Torres releases new single “Nowhere”

“Nowhere” was written by Carina Torres and produced by Sam Hodder. It is the perfect mix between Carina’s silky compelling melodies and vocals and Sam’s groovy and unique production style. The song will be released on June 9th, 2021.

‘Nowhere’ encapsulates the anxious feeling that many of us have had in our early twenties: “What if I get nowhere?”. What if no matter how hard I work or how much passion I have, the future that I want is just not the one I will have. These dark feelings are juxtaposed with the fun, sparkly production of the track, lightening the mood. The lyrics convey that anxiety about the future while the melodies and production portray a youthful, fun, and relaxed energy.

The artwork and all the stunning visuals were created by visual artist Tom Ryan and the music video for “Nowhere” is set to be released a few days after the song is out.

Carina Torres grew up between Brazil and Barcelona and is currently based in London, where she plans to make her mark. The new independent artist has just started releasing her uniquely delicate music in 2021, with her debut single “If I Knew You” in January, followed by her beautifully heartbreaking single “The Way We Exist” in April. She has a wonderful line up of new music on the way for the rest of the year, tapping into a more groovy R&B sound with “Nowhere”.


With her two tracks out on Spotify now, Carina Torres displays her excellence as a singer-songwriter and she shouldn’t elude your indie radar.” Aditya Katakol, Sinusoidal music
With more music on the way in the coming months, this single is a delightful reminder of why you want to keep your eye on her. Complementing her silken vocals with compelling melodies, she captures the imagination and sinks her hooks into you. Claudia Mendes, The Other Side Reviews

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