The Way We Exist

Artists:Carina Torres
Released Date:04/23/2021

Brand new independent artist Carina Torres releases her second single “The Way We Exist”

“The Way We Exist” is a beautifully vulnerable indie-pop ballad written and produced by Carina Torres. It has just been released and it’s available on all streaming platforms. 

The honest and raw lyrics are complemented by the silky vocals and compelling melodies. The production is stripped back, yet powerful. The storytelling is strong and you can feel the emotion through every sound. The artwork and all the stunning visuals were created by visual artist Tom Ryan and the music video for “The Way We Exist” is set to be released on Friday, April 23rd, featuring incredibly talented dancer, Eleanor Lousky. Carina Torres is a new independent artist from Barcelona, currently based in London. She has just started releasing her uniquely delicate and touching music this year, with her debut single release “If I Knew You” in January of 2021. She has a wonderful lineup of new music on the way for the rest of the year, tapping into a more groovy R&B sound and leading into a potential (unannounced) EP release at the end of this year. “I care so much about every single song I write and release, I just want the people who hear it to create that same special connection with it!”

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