We are casting a stage band

We are casting a live stage band for the independent singer-songwriter, Carina Torres.

Carina is an artist based in South London. She is about to release her fourth single, “Count on Me”, and she is working on her first EP (to be released in Spring of 2022). Currently, Carina performs an acoustic, piano, and vocal, act and we are forming a stage band to elevate the act and work with her on live gigs in 2022. 

You can learn more about her music here: www.carinatorres.com.

Carina recently started working with a manager who invests in PR, promo, contacting promoters, bookers, and festivals.

The band will start practicing by the last quarter of 2021 to be ready for gigs at the beginning of 2022.

We will cover the costs for the rehearsal rooms and studios in London, but there is no compensation for rehearsal time for the band members.

The band members will receive fair compensation for the gigs.

You are fit for this project if you can answer yes to all the questions below:

  1. Are you over 18 years old?
  2. Do you identify as female or non-binary?
  3. Do you live in London? (or nearby).
  4. Do you play guitar, bass, keyboard, or drums? (at least one)
  5. Are you a highly skilled in your instrument and want to develop your career in the music industry?
  6. Would you (realistically) have time for band practice? (most likely on Saturday mornings)
  7. Can you travel for gigs? 

If you can answer YES to all the above questions, fill out the form below. You can also send your bio, links, demos, and info to band@carinatorres.com.